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2008. jún. 1.

Internet bank, and the background

"Bell IT Consutlting has begun as a small enterprise providing support and network design for small companies. After spending half a year at research field, the company turned to the financial sector with consulting services on internet-based technologies, browser backed application design. Currently, we provide application design and development services, as well as project management."

This was the original text, I came up to the introduction, but I realized, I don't want to lead this conservative style. Why should I? It's not what's it all about.

Before somebody asks: no, we don't have any relation to Bell Atlantic. Nor Bell South. Nor the other 15 hungarian enterprises having a name begining with "Bell". We don't want anything with these companies, nor do we want to copy their products or solutions - not now, and not in the future (if anybody gets this kind of idea from this site, please contact us). So, where does the name come from? Look up the owner's name, translate the the family name to english, and you will be enlightened.

Some words on what we really do:

  • Things not interesting for the average bank-customer: design of front- and back-office systems / architectures / user interfaces, management of the various tasks of implementation - for example: administrative engineering, legal conciliation, implementation support, testing, automated testing, stuff like that.
  • Things interesting for the average bank-customer: consulting regarding user interfaces and solutions of the electronic banking - for example: design of user friendly UI, how to implement "accessibility", what functions should be provided for the customers, and how.

For me, the company is my private entertainment. To be exact, not the company, but the company's website. Given this - and, to get rid of my excess energy - I will post here the programs, solutions, services, that I develop on my spare time, for my own intrests. I will post some smaller publications regarding my views on financial services. I hope, this will pique some bank's interest, maybe they will act on the ideas, and the world (I mean, the internet) will be a better place.

One more important thing: everything seen on this webpage will have a detailed description on how and why is's made the way it was made. Should be educational - at least, you will know, why you won't follow the described path.